Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of utmost importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important - C.S Lewis

Advent - Hope

This coming Sunday marks the beginning of Advent the time in the church calendar when we begin to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. Our theme for this week is Hope. Hope can beRead more

Christ the King

This coming Sunday marks the official end of the church calendar year. The next Sunday will be the beginning of Advent, the start of the church year and the period of time when we prepare for theRead more

Learning to Lament

When we look around our world it is easy to see events that seem so terrible that we often are unsure how to express the way we feel.  And when we add in our own personal crisis’s sometimes, weRead more

We need each other

I have spent the last week in bed with Covid. Finally, after 4 years the dreaded bug caught up with me. Isolating at home and feeling terrible while you do it is not the best way to pass the time.Read more

What defines your life?

I wonder what it is that defines your life. Maybe a desire for justice? Maybe concern for the vulnerable? Maybe a desire to be wealthy? Maybe wanting to have fame and fortune?  All of us haveRead more

Who wants to change?

Jim Rohn said, ‘For things to change, you have to change.’  And Henry Ford said, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. And yet so manyRead more

Have you forgiven me?

Forgiveness is a difficult thing. Sometimes even when we have been forgiven, we wonder if the other person really has forgiven us for what we did? There’s nothing worse than having someone remindRead more


Reconciliation We often talk about forgiveness as if it were an end in itself when it is one step on the road to reconciliation. A dictionary states: reconciliation is the renewal of friendship afterRead more

Are we there yet?

Ever heard or uttered those words dreaded by parents everywhere. Are we there yet? It’s the sound of a person who is so over the trip you are taking. Are we there yet? It’s the cry of those whoRead more

A voters prayer

As we head towards the election the following prayer was used in church last Sunday. Prayer for our Political leaders  Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you today seeking your guidance in theRead more

Power and privilege

What would you do if you won lotto?  When the big draw was won recently here in Paraparaumu conversation centred around the question of ‘who had won?’ Followed quickly by ‘I wonder what theyRead more

Who are you?

Someone once wrote a book titled ‘Who are when no one is watching?’ Is our behaviour guided by something deep within us or is it dependant on the circumstances we are in or people we find ourselvRead more


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All of us are trying to make sense of life, to find that ‘thing’ that will help determine how we will live. Here at PBC we have found that our faith in Jesus helps us make sense of life and how we will live.

It doesn’t mean we always get it right or that life is any simpler. In fact, sometimes Jesus asks us to make choices we might otherwise avoid – like loving our neighbours and caring for others.

You are most welcome to come and join us on this journey as we seek to be whanau to each other and as we seek to follow Jesus.

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