When worldviews collide

We all have a story that tells us our place in the world. Sometimes those stories are well articulated but often we are unaware even, of the stories that help frame our lives. They exist as unwrittenRead more

What's your why?

A young child constantly asking why? can be pretty frustrating, why is the sky blue?, why is the grass green? but the right questions can inspire and motivate us to new things. Simon Sinek is theRead more

A story that transforms

In the movie the Matrix, Neo discovers that the world is not what he thinks it is. His life has been a mirage, a dream. The story he has lived by is, he discovers, no longer true. We all have storiesRead more

You are what you love

James Smith is the author of a book called “You are what you love’. In it he argues that whatever it is, that we love most, is what directs and controls what we will become. So if we love moneyRead more


The Miriam-Webster dictionary defines generosity as the act of being generous and a generous person is described as one who gives with an open-hand as opposed to someone who is tight-fisted. I have mRead more

All welcome!

It’s so easy to put out a sign saying ‘All welcome’ but it can be much harder to act like all are welcome. Many of us have been invited places or attended groups where one never feels welcomeRead more

Learning to live together

Living with another person is one of the hardest things to do. When I got married I naively thought that, as the Beatles sing, “All we need is love” and everything would be okay. Love would help Read more

Living what we say we believe

There is a great science experiment in which a professor asks his students if they believe in the principle that once released the amplitude of a free pendulum – how far it’ll swing away from theRead more

Defined by faith

The by-line on our website says ‘Where faith defines life’. It is the acknowledgement that our faith in Jesus should define how we live and the things that are important to us. It also meansRead more

Community Fair

Come and Join us for some fun this Saturday 29 May from 10am till 2pm. Read more

Not all the same

On the wall in my office there is a cartoon from Calvin and Hobbes,  the cartoon strip about a small boy and his toy tiger. The scene is a class room and the teacher asks Calvin a question,Read more

Letting go of old ideas

One of the hardest things to do, I think, is letting go of beliefs and behaviours we have held to for so long. Sometimes it is just little thing, like having  a particular mug that we like to drinkRead more


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