What do you see?

It’s easy when we look at what is happening in our world at the moment to wonder where God might be in the midst of it all. Has God just left us to our own devices? Does God even care? Covid, war,Read more

For all to see

A mirror is a device that reflects light back from itself.  But if you are standing off to one side slightly than there is every chance you may miss the reflection. A mirror ball by contrastRead more

Who will I vote for?

In the mailbox this week I received my voting papers for those standing for public office in our local body elections. So many different people standing, so many different agendas, along with all sorRead more

Meet the candidates

One of our members has arranged the following event in which people standing for KCDC office can address our community in person. We have asked the candidates to address the question of how theyRead more

A life of service

Whoever is the greatest should be the servant of the others - Jesus Regardless of our thoughts on the monarchy as an institution, Queen Elizabeth II demonstrated what it meant to live a lifeRead more


The story of Jesus is supposed to be a message of Good News, of hope and joy to all who hear it. And yet so often it is not portrayed in that way. Far too often this message of hope, of life inRead more

You don’t deserve it

Have you ever been in a situation where someone else seemed to get treated better than you did? Maybe they got a pay rise and you didn’t.  Maybe they got a better grade on a paper. Maybe they gotRead more

You know there's always forgiveness

“I will never forgive them”.  How often do we hear those words today.  They cry out to us from the media outlets,  the movies we watch, our social media accounts.  I’ll never be able toRead more

Have you found it yet?

The movie Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt tells the story of their search for the fabled Tree of Life. It’s a search that they will do anything to win even if it nearly costsRead more

No action too small

A couple of years ago a video appeared on YouTube of a grandmother reading the story Wonky Donkey to her grandchild.  It’s read in a  beautiful Scottish accent but as she reads she begins toRead more

Some people are not what they appear to be

The news has recently carried the story of a rich lister who died while serving a prison sentence for drug and sexual-related offences. This self-made millionaire had it all but then let his ownRead more


There’s a song released by Elton John  called ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’. It’s a reminder that most of us struggle to admit we were wrong, to apologise, to say Sorry. This weekRead more


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