Sometimes our expectations about life are spot-on but way to often our expectations are unrealistic both for ourselves and for others. We often place unrealistic expectations on our partners or spousRead more

Giving Up

For those who don’t know the Church often follows what is called the church calendar or year. This church year is designed to highlight the key tenets of the Christian faith – Advent, Christmas,Read more

Mainly Music 2021

STARTS BACK UP  - 10th February 2021 Fun, interactive music sessions for young children and their parent/caregivers Young children and their parents/caregivers join together for a fun, thirty Read more

My cross

The phrase ‘It’s just my cross to bear’ is often used to refer to a difficulty someone has in their life, something they can’t change and just have to put up with.  However when Jesus firstRead more

What's your excuse?

We all have them – those little ‘excuses’ we use to justify our actions. Our ‘excuses’ as to why we eat too much, or don’t do enough exercise.  And in many cases our ‘excuses’Read more

Follow Me

Twitter offers us the chance to ‘follow’ others. Their ‘tweets’ have the ability to inspire, challenge and mould our thoughts and emotions. Like anything that influences us that can be bothRead more

A New Year

2020 is now behind us and many of us will be hoping that this new year, 2021, will be a lot different to last year. Perhaps the new year will be different but what about us?  Crowded House wrote aRead more


Over the last few weeks we have been bombarded with the coming of Christmas. The shops are busy trying to sell us everything they can and the radio constantly plays Christmas carols.  And in a yearRead more

Advent 4

Over the last three weeks my wife has been busy decorating the house for Christmas. As part of that we have  Christmas characters – shepherds, wisemen, Mary and Joseph and their donkey, spreadRead more

Advent 3

Advent is a reminder that we are looking forward to the birth of Jesus, the Messiah - the one who came to show us what God is like. It’s a reminder that God reaches out to us, in our place andRead more

Advent 2

Advent is a reminder that we are looking forward to the birth of Jesus, the Messiah - the one who came to show us what God is like. In Jesus we are reminded that we are called to show God's love toRead more

Advent 1

This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent – a reminder that we are now counting down to the celebration of Christmas. Advent is also a time of waiting.- waiting for our chance to celebrateRead more


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