If I perish, I perish

This coming Sunday will be ANZAC day, the day when we reflect on those in our armed forces who have given their lives in sacrifice for others. We honour those men and women who have served ourRead more

The Green Eyed Monster

Haman was a bloke who got offered a pretty good job – actually it was the second to top job – the second in command to the king of Persia. This new found  power and prestige made Haman think heRead more

Easter Service Times

We will gather at the following times to celebrate the Easter story. We would love you to join us for any of these times. 28 March 10am Palm Sunday 2 April 9.30am Good Friday reflection 4 AprilRead more


'Influencers' is a word that has come to define those people whose huge popularity allows them to influence how the rest of us think and live. These people can create runs on products and places asRead more

New Life

My grandson is almost two and he’s at that age when he wants to hold as much as he can in his hands at the same time. And he struggles with the fact that to get something new you have to put downRead more

Love your enemies

These words by Jesus are some of the hardest to live by. Love your enemies. Is such a thing possible? And isn’t it just plain stupid? After all everyone knows that might is right, that power alwaysRead more

Aren't we great!?

All of us would like to think that there is something that we are good at or maybe even great at. Something we have worked hard to excel at – a sport, a hobby, a subject, a musical instrument. And Read more


Sometimes our expectations about life are spot-on but way to often our expectations are unrealistic both for ourselves and for others. We often place unrealistic expectations on our partners or spousRead more

Giving Up

For those who don’t know the Church often follows what is called the church calendar or year. This church year is designed to highlight the key tenets of the Christian faith – Advent, Christmas,Read more

Mainly Music 2021

STARTS BACK UP  - 10th February 2021 Fun, interactive music sessions for young children and their parent/caregivers Young children and their parents/caregivers join together for a fun, thirty Read more

My cross

The phrase ‘It’s just my cross to bear’ is often used to refer to a difficulty someone has in their life, something they can’t change and just have to put up with.  However when Jesus firstRead more

What's your excuse?

We all have them – those little ‘excuses’ we use to justify our actions. Our ‘excuses’ as to why we eat too much, or don’t do enough exercise.  And in many cases our ‘excuses’Read more


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