Creations Beauty

One of the advantages of living on the Kāpiti Coast is our proximity to the beauty of creation.  The sandy beach and sea looking out towards Kāpiti Island and the walkways along the rivers and hilRead more

Life goes on

The appearance of Covid last year changed life for many of us, work, socialising, and even attending church. And then we had that long period of normality when it seems most things were pretty muchRead more

Come join us!

We are meeting this week and yes there will be music and singing.  Please note the following requirements put in place by our leadership team. All attendees are required to record their presenceRead more

We're back!

So after five long weeks we are meeting again this coming Sunday. Please note level two restrictions are in place.  Please note the following requirements put in place by our leadership team. AllRead more

Sometimes it's hard to be grateful

The news has been full of stories of those who have broken lockdown rules and the calls for us to be given back our freedoms. Voices calling for the rule-breakers to be publicly shamed and voicesRead more

Sunday 12 September

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We don't know how lucky we are mate...

Those of you who have been around a while will remember Fred Dagg’s classic song in which he reminded listeners about how lucky they were. Here’s a link to the original video releaseRead more

Sunday 5 September

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Trust God and common-sense

Last Sunday Graeme shared a quote by Martin Luther, the great reformer of the church. Luther lived through the bubonic plague that swept Europe in the 1500’s. Luther could easily have used hisRead more

Sunday 29 August

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Here we go again

Like many of you I was disappointed to realise that we are back in Level Four. There were lots of things I wanted to do and yet, for the sake of others, we now put those things aside in order to keepRead more

This coming Sunday

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