Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of utmost importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important - C.S Lewis

And you're invited!

There’s a story Jesus told about a man who threw a banquet but on the day of the  feast the invited guests all made up excuses for not coming.  So, Jesus said, the man sent his servants out toRead more

Precious in God's sight

Last weekend here at church two families brought their children to be dedicated to God. It was a way for those families to express their thanks to God for the precious gifts/taonga that children are.Read more

Celebrating a King!

Last weekend many of you may have watched the coronation of King Charles III. During the news report on this, the news reader commented that this was the 40th crowning of a king or queen at WestminstRead more

Who would you invite?

A popular talkback question used to be ‘If you could invite anyone to dinner, living or dead, who would you invite and why?  I wonder who you might invite and how the conversation might go?  TheRead more

Thanks RocketSpark

We want to give a big shoutout to @rocketsparkwebsites for their unwavering support! Thanks to their generosity, we now have an easy-to-manage website that communicates what we do. We are incrediblyRead more

What do you see?

A few years ago a series of books appeared with magical hidden  3D images.  At first glance the image just looks like a mix of colours on a page which don’t seem to make sense but hidden withinRead more

Still Good News

Easter Sunday is gone but the good news it announced is still here and still good news. And the good news is this, – Jesus is alive, death and sin have been defeated, and Jesus is Lord of all.Read more

The Big Con?

Read more

Easter Services

Come and join with us as we both remember and celebrate the story of Easter. Friday 9.30am 7 April - Good Friday reflection Sunday 10am 9 April - Celebration as we remember the resurrection of Jesus.Read more

Not what we expected

Have you ever purchased an item sight unseen and when it arrived it wasn’t at all what you were expecting? Maybe a bit like a guy in the U.S. who decided to buy an electric sports car on Alibaba frRead more

Hopeless or hopeful?

Someone once “A person can live three days without water; 40 days without food. But only five minutes without hope.” During the 2nd World War, the allied command were staggered at the number ofRead more

Rules are rules, aren't they?

Have you ever played a game with younger members of your family, and someone has suggested that you bend the rules a bit to make it easier for the youngest player. And invariably someone else willRead more


We now offer a children's programme for children aged 3-5 years old.

There is also a creche where parents can mind younger children and still hear the service.

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Tena kotou katoa

All of us are trying to make sense of life, to find that ‘thing’ that will help determine how we will live. Here at PBC we have found that our faith in Jesus helps us make sense of life and how we will live.

It doesn’t mean we always get it right or that life is any simpler. In fact, sometimes Jesus asks us to make choices we might otherwise avoid – like loving our neighbours and caring for others.

You are most welcome to come and join us on this journey as we seek to be whanau to each other and as we seek to follow Jesus.

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When we journey together, we are stronger.