Through listening comes awareness, through awareness comes understanding, through understanding comes knowledge, through knowledge comes life and well being. This whakataukī reminds us thatRead more

Climate Change Adaption Plan Hui

YOU ARE INVITED Wednesday May 18th 2022, from 7pm. to 9pm. Paraparaumu Baptist Church, Corner of Ruapehu and Kaimanawa Streets (please wear a mask) The Government has launched its ClimateRead more

Something new

There’s an old idiom that talks about been ‘stuck in a rut’ which is used to describe a situation where every day feels just like the day before or where we always do the same old thing,Read more


The other day it occurred to me that there seemed to be a lot of ads for perfume on the tv recently and then... I realised it’s coming up to Mother’s day and they want me to buy my mother some moRead more

mainly music is back in person!!

mainly music kicks off again this Wednesday 4 May from 10am. Doors open from 9.30am. Cost $2 per child or $3 per family. We do ask that you wear a mask. This programme is a fun way for parentsand tRead more


How would you define the word faithfulness? It’s one often used in religious circles when talking about God but what do we mean when we use it? The dictionary says It can also mean dependable andRead more


Next Monday is Anzac Day.  A day when we remember those who were sent on our behalf to protect and serve our country. While we may not all agree on the worthiness of those wars, we can still recogniRead more


This week is the most important week of the year and to acknowledge just how significant it is for us we’re meeting twice  - on Friday morning to remember the death of Jesus and then again on SundRead more

Palm Sunday

We will be holding a physical service this coming Sunday open to anyone. We do require facemasks to be worn and social distancing is in place. We look forward to seeing you all again. This week we wRead more

Whose judging who?

The advent of social-media has allowed us all to become critics, sometimes quite vocally, about what others post or say. And it seems that often those critiques are quite judgemental and personal inRead more

When the time is right

On the wall in my study is a verse from a book in the Bible called Ecclesiastes which reads ‘If you wait for the perfect conditions you will never get anything done.’ I wonder how often we getRead more

Owning our own stuff

This week we are remembering the events of Christchurch three years ago and seeing on our T.V.’s, in real time, the unfolding war in Ukraine. Two events triggered by individuals who blame othersRead more


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