Children and Families

Tena koutou katoa

Thanks for checking out what we have to offer families.  

Children's Programme - Sunday mornings during the church service

On Sunday's we have a space set up for children aged 4 through 8 for an interactive creative programme that helps them learn just how much God loves them. The programme encourages children to respect and value others.  

A creche with toys is also available for parents with young children - audio from the service is available.

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Mainly Music - Wednesday mornings

Fun, interactive music sessions for young children and their parent/caregivers.  Young children and their parents/caregivers join together for a fun, thirty minute music session then afterwards enjoy morning tea and a playtime for the children.
Throughout the morning your child will be learning and developing gross and fine motor skills, language,
imagination, maths and pre-reading skills as well as socialisation skills.
We would love for you and your child/ren to join us.

Note: Only runs during school terms.

Child Safety

We love our children and want them to be safe at all times.
All those who interact with children as part of a church ministry are required to be police vetted and pass a reference check before doing so.