You know there's always forgiveness

“I will never forgive them”.  How often do we hear those words today.  They cry out to us from the media outlets,  the movies we watch, our social media accounts.  I’ll never be able to forgive what he/she/they did.       Someone has to pay. One of the realities of living in a world filled with people is that at some stage, someone is going to hurt us.  At some point someone will lie to us, or rip us off and hurt us. And when that person is someone close to us, someone we love, then that hurt goes in real deep. At that point, we too, are tempted,  to use those same words, I will never forgive them.

It’s easy to talk about forgiveness when it’s all theory but when we have been hurt forgiveness is no longer a theory to discuss - now we have a fire raging in our hearts that we can’t put out and forgiveness is the furthest thing in our minds.

Jesus told a story about two people who owed huge debts and about how those who have been forgiven much should understand why forgiving others is so important. After all, none of us is really guilt free, we’ve all hurt others. We’re all in need of forgiveness.

Dave Dobbyn says in his song ‘You know there’s always forgiveness, It beats a poke in the eye’. It’s not always easy to forgive, let’s be honest about that. But it is also true that refusing to let go often harms us and our relationship with others. Maybe this week, it’s time to offer forgiveness, not just to others but to yourself as well.

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Grace and peace