Some people are not what they appear to be

The news has recently carried the story of a rich lister who died while serving a prison sentence for drug and sexual-related offences. This self-made millionaire had it all but then let his own desires and addictions drag him into a life of crime. And he’s not the first such person – another of our economic heroes was convicted of child-pornography. Sometime it can be hard to separate good people from bad.  In fact Jesus told a story about wheat and weeds (you can find it in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 13) growing together in the same field. And until you harvest the crop you can’t really tell which is which. It’s a warning to us all that supposedly good people can be bad and supposedly bad people can turn out good. It’s not our place to judge who is who but we all need to be aware that we too will be judged – and our true nature will be revealed to all. I wonder what yours or mine will reveal on that day?

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