All that glitters is not gold.

Every week people by the thousands buy a ticket in the lottery, hoping that their numbers will come up, and that life will somehow become better than it was before.  It’s this hope, dream or fantasy that keeps us coming back, even when we know the odds are stacked against us. But hey, you’ve got to be in to win don’t ya. Unfortunately, history tells us that all that extra money doesn’t mean a life of luxury and nor does it help life make sense. In fact it often brings a whole new set of problems to add to the ones we already had.

The guy who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes had everything – wealth, fame, a luxurious lifestyle, sex whenever he wanted it and yet – it was all futile – like trying to catch the mist between his fingers. It was all, in the end, just an illusion. While there is lots to enjoy during our time on earth – all gifts from God – they don’t make life, make sense. To find that we need to look beyond ourselves and all we can see, to the One, who is the source of life.

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This Sunday we will be continuing our look into the book of Ecclesiastes. In this book ‘the preacher’ asks questions about life, it’s meaning, purpose and the apparent futileness of life at times. Why do good people suffer, why do bad people get away with things. Is there any point to it all? How do we make sense of life? Over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at this book and seeking to make sense of some of life’s hard questions.

Mainly Music – This Wednesday from 10.00am. We do ask that you wear a mask. This programme is a fun way for parents and their children to spend quality time together based around music and movement. It is an opportunity for us as a church to connect with and offer something back to the community of which we are a part. It’s also a way for us to demonstrate care, concern and support for those with young children.

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Grace and peace