Climate Change Adaption Plan Hui


Wednesday May 18th 2022, from 7pm. to 9pm.

Paraparaumu Baptist Church, Corner of Ruapehu and Kaimanawa Streets

(please wear a mask)

The Government has launched its Climate Change National Adaptation Plan which is out for Public Consultation. It wants to hear from Communities, like us, here in Eastern Paraparaumu.

Our Church thinks this is important, so, in this hui we will look at:

  • the overall Adaptation Plan,
  • the nature of our particular community,
  • and our climate change related risks.

then we will discuss together whether the Government’s proposed Community Outcomes and Plans meet our needs. We will compile a combined response on behalf of those that come together at this hui, before the close off date of June 3rd.

We will not be tackling the whole of the Plan, but if you want to do a personal response then you can do this online at:


We look forward to seeing you soon.

Paraparaumu Baptist Church