Life goes on

The appearance of Covid last year changed life for many of us, work, socialising, and even attending church. And then we had that long period of normality when it seems most things were pretty much back to normal. But now the Delta variant has changed things again and it seems that we may never go back to life as it used to be. We are going to need to learn to live with Covid and some of the restrictions to life that will bring.

Long term we still don’t know what that will look like for us or the rest of the world however it does seem that vaccination will play an important part in keeping us and those we love safe, so can we encourage you to consider getting vaccinated, not just for yourself but to keep others, especially the vulnerable safe. If you have concerns about the vaccine then please talk to a medical professional you trust for advice.

We are meeting this week and yes there will be music and singing.  Please note the following requirements put in place by our leadership team.

All attendees are required to record their presence – either by app or sign-in (This is a legal requirement)

Recommendations that all people wear masks. (We have been advised that those speaking at the front can remove their mask to speak)

At this point in time we will not be serving morning tea.

Spacing of 1m between bubbles (so no hugging of others please)

If you are at all unwell then please stay home

Also this week we are offering on our services on ZOOM – the video sharing platform. If you would like the link so you can join us then please email us office@pb.org.nz

We look forward to catching up with you on Sunday.

If you are struggling at this time and just need someone to talk to then please email us at the address below and we will make contact with you office@pb.org.nz

This Sunday we continue our series looking at Creation and our place in it and how it can help us worship God. This week we are thinking about The Hope of Creation as seen in Jesus.

To join with us on air tune in to Coast Access Radio 104.7FM from 10.30am or livestream at

http://coastaccessradio.org.nz/Listen/index.aspx  The message and prayers will also be posted to the sermon page on this website.

Mainly Music -  Closed due to lockdown. We hope to reopen after the school holidays 20 October. Normally meets Wednesday’s from 10.00am. This programme is a fun way for parents and their children to spend quality time together based around music and movement. It is an opportunity for us as a church to connect with and offer something back to the community of which we are a part. It’s also a way for us to demonstrate care, concern and support for those with young children.

Small Groups are meeting via Zoom. Contact  the church office@pb.org.nz if you would like to join one.

If at this time you need someone to chat with then please call the church office 04 2987766 or email office@pb.org.nz and we’ll get back to you.

And we are also on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/paraparaumubaptist

Grace and peace