We don't know how lucky we are mate...

Those of you who have been around a while will remember Fred Dagg’s classic song in which he reminded listeners about how lucky they were. Here’s a link to the original video release https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYvMeT2GC14

I was reminded of this when I received an article about the impact of Covid 19 on our Baptist brothers and sisters in India and Bangladesh. According to the article over 200 pastors (India 88, Bangladesh 122) have lost their lives to Covid since the outbreak began in 2020. I have tried to imagine what an impact that would have had on our churches here in Aotearoa-New Zealand and I can’t even begin to imagine such loss. And of course that figure doesn’t include the hundreds of church members who have also succumbed to the disease. Please pray for those who are in circumstances much more difficult than our own.

It reminds me of just how much we have to be grateful for here in our own country, especially as we head down the alert levels again.

If you are struggling at this time and just need someone to talk to then please email us at the address below and we will make contact with you office@pb.org.nz

This Sunday we continue a new series called ‘Telling our Stories..  of Jesus’. We have just heard about the life of Jesus in the book of Acts and now we want to hear the stories of how Jesus is working amongst us today, here on the Kāpiti Coast in 2021. Over the next month we will hear those stories and we hope they encourage you. On Sunday Johanna will share her story of Jesus.

To join with us on air tune in to Coast Access Radio 104.7FM from 10.30am or livestream at

http://coastaccessradio.org.nz/Listen/index.aspx  The message and prayers will also be posted to the sermon page on this website.

Mainly Music -  Closed due to lockdown. Normally meets Wednesday’s from 10.00am. This programme is a fun way for parents and their children to spend quality time together based around music and movement. It is an opportunity for us as a church to connect with and offer something back to the community of which we are a part. It’s also a way for us to demonstrate care, concern and support for those with young children.

Small Groups are meeting via Zoom. Contact the church office@pb.org.nz if you would like to join one.

If at this time you need someone to chat with then please call the church office 04 2987766 or email office@pb.org.nz and we’ll get back to you.

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Grace and peace