An awkward relationship

The church and the state have always had an awkward relationship, after all, we don’t want the state telling us what to do or not do and yet, at the same time, there is the temptation to lobby the state to enact the laws we want to see enforced.  It’s not a new issue, and at times when the church has held the reins of power it has failed to exercise it responsibly. It seems the old adage ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is true, even when we are talking about the people of God.  

So what should we expect of those in power? In the Bible those who were placed in leadership were expected to use that power to seek the best for those who were most at risk, those who had no power of their own. The prophets reminded the leaders and people that God expected them to care for the ‘widow, orphan and foreigner’. (Isaiah and Zechariah).  They also expected them to live lives that were above reproach, honest and truthful.

I wonder what we expect of our political leaders today?  What should the relationship between church and state look like today?

This Sunday we are looking at Acts 24-26 when Paul is asked to defend himself before Felix and Festus, two Roman governors and again gets to give his testimony of Jesus as the one who is Lord of all. It ends with his appeal to Caesar. This passage asks questions about our relationship as Christians with the ruling powers of our day.  Just who are we subject to? How do we relate to the government of our day?

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