When worldviews collide

We all have a story that tells us our place in the world. Sometimes those stories are well articulated but often we are unaware even, of the stories that help frame our lives. They exist as unwritten assumptions we hold about how the world works and how we relate to those around us.  It can impact our political views, how we view other nationalities, the way we use money and the manner in which we treat people who are not ‘like us’.  When something or someone challenges those assumptions we may feel threatened or angry without even understanding what is driving our emotions.

When Paul, a Jew, suggested that God loved non-Jews as well, the Jewish crowd he was talking to were enraged. All their llives they had grown up believing that their God was ‘for them’ and that Gentiles (non-Jews) were unwelcome. Paul’s claim threatened their story and their response was to try and kill him.

What stories do we hold to that may need to be challenged and replaced? Maybe a belief that your race, what ever it is, is better than everyone else. Maybe the belief that “I deserve……” whatever it is.

And, if you do replace them, what story will you use in it’s place to form who you are?

This Sunday Andrew will be looking at Acts 21-22 and the riot that occurs when Paul visits the Temple in Jerusalem. Why did his presence create such an uproar?  What can we learn about our own values and the place they hold for us?

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