A story that transforms

In the movie the Matrix, Neo discovers that the world is not what he thinks it is. His life has been a mirage, a dream. The story he has lived by is, he discovers, no longer true. We all have stories that we live by – things we have come to believe even if we can’t exactly say why we believe them.  The way we see and understand the world is defined by the stories we believe. And when someone or something challenges our story then often our first response is to say no it can’t be true. Sometimes we may even respond with anger at those who have a different story to the one we believe. But sometimes we encounter a story that grabs us, that transforms how we see the world and everything in it.

When the Apostle Paul arrived in Ephesus, a city dedicated to the story of Artemis, his story or Jesus caused people to react. Who is this new god you are talking about? How dare you question Artemis, the queen of heaven. In fact some were so incensed they started a riot. Paul had a new story, a story than had the power to change everything.

I wonder what story you live your life by? How does it help you, life out your life?

This Sunday Andrew will be looking at Acts 19 and the chaos that erupts as Paul’s story of Jesus brings change to the city of Ephesus.  

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