Aren't we great!?

All of us would like to think that there is something that we are good at or maybe even great at. Something we have worked hard to excel at – a sport, a hobby, a subject, a musical instrument. And it is great that we can celebrate those abilities and skills because we should take great joy in people’s ability to push the boundaries and excel in life.

But what happens when that greatness lures us to believe that we are now better than others.  That our giftedness means we should be treated better than others, that we are somehow now superior to those around us. When we believe that our culture, our group, I, am better than others it doesn’t take too long before we treat others as objects to be cast aside. History is rife with stories of people who were destroyed by those who saw themselves as superior and better.

So This Sunday We will be thinking about Giving up .. Superiority.   What might it mean for us to give up the belief that we are better than others? What might it mean to be willing to see others as our equal and valued by God for who they are?

Mainly Music-  Sorry we couldn’t meet his week due to Covid level 2 but we live in hope that next week we will meet again. This programme is a fun way for parents and their children to spend quality time together based around music and movement. It is also a way for us as a church to connect with and offer something back to the community of which we are a part. It’s also a way for us to demonstrate care and concern and support for those with young children.

Small Groups are now up and running again. Contact the church office@pb.org.nz if you would like to join one

Oh and for those who are unable to join us we will still have an on-air service for you @10.30am and again @ 8pm on Thursday evening on Coast Access Radio 104.7FM or you can livestream at

http://coastaccessradio.org.nz/Listen/index.aspx  The message and prayers will also be posted to the sermon page on this website.

If at this time you need someone to chat with then please call the church office 04 2987766 or email office@pb.org.nz and we’ll get back to you.

And we are also on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/paraparaumubaptist

Grace and peace