What's your excuse?

We all have them – those little ‘excuses’ we use to justify our actions. Our ‘excuses’ as to why we eat too much, or don’t do enough exercise.  And in many cases our ‘excuses’ don’t really matter – the only people we fool are ourselves. But what happens when our ‘excuses’ impact on other people? When we ‘excuse’ behaviour that is abusive, or racist or harm’s others – what then?  Perhaps at that point we need to rethink our excuses and find a better way of living.

Jesus called people to follow him and to live better – to love God and to love others as ourselves. But some of those who heard what he had to say, and liked it, still came up with excuses as to why it shouldn’t apply to them. I wonder what ‘excuses’ we might have, those little loop holes that we use, to ‘excuse’ ourselves from doing what Jesus asks? What ‘excuses’ might you need to give up?

This Sunday: We will be thinking about the call of Jesus to ‘Follow me’ and the excuses people had for choosing not to follow. What excuses might we have today?

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Grace and peace