A couple of weeks ago we watched the All Blacks crush the Wallabies at Eden Park in what was a very one-sided affair. The All Blacks were superb and a joy to watch. At the end of the game the crowd and commentators were effusive in their praise of them as a team. The crowd clapped and cheered and in that moment they worshiped the All Blacks – they declared their teams worth to all the world.  This was a team worth following, worth getting excited about, worth giving up an afternoon to watch and cheer for. 

In the Bible there are a group of songs called Psalms which remind us that God is also worthy of our praise and worship. These Psalms declare the worth of God and remind us that here is a God worth following, worth getting excited about, worth giving up time to cheer for.  I wonder what you might want to express thanks and praise to God for this week?

This Sunday we head back to the Psalms today to Psalm 96. Here’s a song that declares the character and attributes of God – a God who is worthy of our praise.

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Grace and peace