Dealing with the Covid -19 Virus

The elders have met to discuss our response and responsibilities with regard to the Covid-19 virus outbreak. We have decided to take the following steps in response to guidance from the NZ Government, Baptist Union and Health Officials.

  • We will continue with services and small group meetings while there are no reported cases of community transmission of the virus. At this stage the Government have only limited meetings of 500 people or more.
  • We will cease offering food for morning tea at our services to help reduce risks of spreading disease. Hot drinks will still be available. A wipe down of all surfaces before and after will be required.
  • We are reviewing how we will serve communion to reduce any risks of spreading the virus.
  • We do ask that if you are UNWELL that you refrain from attending services.
  • When the first case of community transmission in our region is advised or at the request of the government, we will cease all meetings, including home groups and Mainly Music until we are notified that it is safe to reopen. In the event that we are advised to cease meeting completely, we have tasked the elders with ensuring that contact is kept with all of you and that we seek to support and encourage each other during this time.
  • We are exploring options as to how we can support you through online services. We will advise when these are known.

We realise these are difficult times but we are keen to provide the best care and support for all of you during this period of uncertainty.  We take these actions not out of fear but out of a concern for the wellbeing of our community.
Grace and Peace
Andrew, Christine, Graeme, Jim, Julia, Raewyn