Who are you?

Someone once wrote a book titled ‘Who are when no one is watching?’ Is our behaviour guided by something deep within us or is it dependant on the circumstances we are in or people we find ourselves with? A bit like a child who knows not to swear at home but happily swears at school or with their friends.

Many of us are good when there are others making sure we obey the rules, but would we be as good if we knew that our actions would go unknown and unpunished. Are we good in the way we treat others, in the way we speak about people, in the way we treat our family behind closed doors?

It’s not always easy to live a consistent life especially when we know no one is watching, but what would it look like for each of us if the person people see was the same regardless? I hope that you can be a person whose life is guided not by peer-pressure but by a deep conviction to be the best you can be always, even when no one else is watching.

If you are struggling at this time and just need someone to talk to, then please email us at office@pb.org.nz or call 0223075225 and we will contact you.

This Sunday @ 10am we will continue our series looking at the life of Joseph the shepherd boy, his dreams, the highs, and his lows he faced, and ultimately how he held onto his faith in God. Come and join us as we explore the life of this pivotal character from the Old Testament. This week we are looking at Genesis 39 and the lifestyle Joseph lived even when things didn’t go his way.

A children’s programme for children aged 3-8 is available during the service and a crèche for younger children.

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Mainly Music – Wednesday from 10.00am. This programme is a fun way for parents and their children to spend quality time together based around music and movement. It is an opportunity for us as a church to connect with and offer something back to the community of which we are a part. It’s also a way for us to demonstrate care, concern, and support for those with young children.

Small Groups. We have several groups meeting. Contact the church office@pb.org.nz if you would like to join one.

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Grace and peace